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Teach the Multiplication Facts Effectively with

My Multiplication Magic

This revolutionary math curriculum is a multisensory approach to learning multiplication facts. It allows students who struggle memorizing to learn multiplication simply, effectively, and in a way that makes sense to them. It is designed for tutoring centers, schools, and teachers to use with those students who struggle learning their facts.

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See What the Experts Say

My Multiplication Magic is a wonderfully designed and executed program that helps students who have struggled repeatedly to remember their times tables. As we have described in our book The Dyslexic Advantage, although many students with dyslexia, adhd, and other learning differences have poor memories for rote facts and procedures, they often excel in remembering stories and personal experiences. My Multiplication Magic takes advantage of their strengths in personal or "episodic" memory to enable these students to learn and retain their basic multiplication facts in a fast and enjoyable way that really "fits" with their ways of learning and remembering. Teachers and parents will also appreciate the well organized and user-friendly format. It's a great system for teaching and building confidence in young learners. 

Brock Eide MD,

Co-founder Neurolearning SPC and

Co-author The Dyslexic Advantage

For Educators

Whether you are a classroom teacher, dyslexia tutor, or home school instructor, you can use this multiplication curriculum to teach all students their multiplication facts. This multisensory, explicit, and sequential approach is effective for ALL students even those with rote memory struggles.

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For Parents

Don't let rote memory issues associated with dyslexia hold your child back from learning their facts. You and your child will be amazed at how simple and fun learning the multiplication facts can be with My Multiplication Magic.

Trained Learning Coaches will encourage, reinforce the strategies, and guide your child to mastery of their facts. When your child is registered, you will also have Parent's Corner online platform with fun digital and PDF games, worksheets, and other resources to reinforce what your child is learning with their coach.


*If there are no coaches in your area, you may want to consider becoming a Learning Coach yourself.

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