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My Multiplication Magic is a revolutionary, new and effective way to teach the multiplication facts to all students. It is designed as a simple effective way to learn the facts for students who have problems memorizing rote information, and it is beneficial for all students.

Why it Works for Dyslexic Students:

  • It is a multi-sensory approach.

  • It is explicit.

  • It is systematic and sequential.

  • It makes sense to them


The real magic is in the empowerment that students have when they succeed at learning their multiplication facts in a way that makes sense to them.

We are looking for passionate professional individuals that will embrace the idea of making a difference in the lives of these students with the My Multiplication Magic system.

For the cost of taking one student through this system, it will pay for itself. Not only will you be making a difference in the lives of students, but you will be able to make a difference at home because it allows you to earn extra money and become your boss using this system to teach others.

Earn extra income two ways:

Use this program as a tutoring service and charge for your services.

  • Hold My Multiplication Magic Math Camps 

  • Tutor individually or in groups


Using My Multiplication Magic, you will:

  • Receive step by step written and video instruction for each strategy

  • Receive a Learning Coach Manual, Student Workbook, & Resource Manual

  • Receive Both PDF & Digital Games

  • And so much more!



































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If you are a public or private school, please contact Sue Bridgman at

My Multiplication Magic Public/Private School Licensing Program.

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