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What is My Multiplication Magic? 

My Multiplication Magic is a revolutionary, new and effective way to teach the multiplication facts to all students. It is a curriculum designed as a simple effective way to learn the facts for those students who have problems memorizing rote information and is beneficial for all students. It uses an explicit, multi-sensory approach using visual clues, key words, and magic tricks. The real magic is in the empowerment that students have when they succeed at learning their multiplication facts in a way that makes sense to them.


Who Can Teach the My Multiplication System? 


Anyone who purchases the  My Multiplication Magic System can teach the program. 

What is a Learning Coach and Why do I Need One? 


A Learning Coach is a teacher, private tutor, teacher within a school, or a parent who has purchased the curriculum and has a passion to teach this system to students in need of learning their multiplication facts. Learning Coaches are a major key to the success of these students in achieving mastery of their facts. They will be guiding each student through the system, reinforcing the concepts, giving the student encouragement, praise, and correction. They will be your child’s best cheerleader and will work hard at each session to give your child success.

Where Do I Find a My Multiplication Magic Learning Coach to Teach My Child? 

We have coaches in several areas; however, we are not in all areas of the country as of yet. If you fill out the ‘Find a Learning Coach’ in my area form, we will send you names of coaches in your geographic area.

If There Are No Learning Coaches in My Area, Can I Teach it to My Own Child?

Absolutely! You don’t have to have a teaching license to teach this to your child. I have designed this system in a simple step by step format with all the training, resources, and support you need to give you and your child the success you need. Support is provided via email, phone, and through our Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

Is it Less Expensive to Purchase the System Myself than Going Through a Learning Coach? 

It would cost around the same price to purchase the system yourself as it would to pay a Learning Coach an hourly fee to tutor your child. However, if you have multiple children needing to learn their facts, purchasing the system may be more cost effective. If you choose to use the system to help other children other than your own, you can also charge an hourly fee and create your own business.

How Long Does it Take for My Child to Achieve Mastery? 

Every child is different and it will look differently for each child. It takes on average 10-12 hours of instruction to complete the course.

Can I Try it on My Children for FREE? 

Yes, you can! You can try out my system absolutely free up to the 3x facts. Then if you wish to purchase, you will be granted full access to all the materials.

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