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My Multiplication Magic is a revolutionary, new, and effective way to teach the multiplication facts to all students. It is a curriculum with a multisensory approach to learning the multiplication facts designed as a simpler and more effective way to learn them. It is especially effective for those students who have problems memorizing rote information. 


It uses an explicit, multi-sensory approach using visual clues, key words, and magic tricks. The real magic is in the empowerment that students have when they succeed at learning their multiplication facts in a way that makes sense to them. struggles.


Using My Multiplication Magic, you:

1. Can use this in whole group, small group or individual instruction and is beneficial for all students.

2. May hold My Multiplication Magic Math Camps and help students outside of the classroom before or after school or in the summertime.

Lots of flexibility to use this to meet the needs of the students in your school.

Included In the System

License Information

The License is for one teacher and 1- 4 students.  This includes a one time payment of $199 for the teacher license and includes annual student licenses for 1- 4 students for a year. Each additional student is $25 a year per student. Students and teachers must have school emails issued to register and use the product.


1. The license stays with the school.

2. You may print out as many copies of the manuals as you need for the licensed teacher and for those licensed students within that year. All materials belong to the licenser and the school that represents them and the MMM system cannot be used for personal use or other business ventures outside the school. 

3. If you are a district and have more than one school, you will need to purchase the system for each licensed teacher within the school. Please contact Sue Bridgman at (970) 405-4967 or email at for more information.

4. Because this is a downloadable system, no refunds will be given. However, you can try our free trial by filling out the free trial form. This will give you an idea of the method and strategies we use in the system.  

Contact Sue Bridgman at for more information. 

Coming Soon: January 2023 – MMM Division Connections
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