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I have no problem remembering those hard facts anymore. My Multiplication Magic has made it really fun to learn and remember the facts. It makes sense to me. 

Ayda P.

Ayda and Gwenyth.jpg

My Multiplication Magic has transformed my daughter’s self-esteem, and almost overnight has helped her learn her multiplication facts! When it’s math time, the math games have put a smile on her face again. Liz G.

Liz and Lili.jpg

I have been using My Multiplication Magic’s tips and tricks in my classroom. It has been so successful that now I am holding math camps to reach more students.

Lauren. E.


This program is amazing! Our school has used it in the classroom and individual tutoring. The strategies are great for younger and older students alike. Watching a student that struggled with basic facts have the tools to answer quickly is amazing. Students build their confidence and get better at math. We highly recommend My Multiplication Magic!

Sarah N.


I completed MMM with a student this summer. She has a slower processing speed but this program was extremely helpful for her. The way the facts are presented as stories and not all 144 facts for each number (communicative property) made it fun and less overwhelming than most programs.

Jane G.


Easy to use. Kids love it. At 66 I finally remember my math facts.

Joy S.


My Multiplication Magic is an all-around excellent times tables program! Each time a new strategy is learned, my students are in awe; they’re shocked at how easy it is to understand and remember the facts finally. I love how quickly they become invested and engaged while having fun, too. The multi-sensory approach absolutely enhances the effectiveness. It’s pure joy to see their faces beam with pride and confidence!

Toni A.

I can’t say enough about My Multiplication Magic & how great it has been for my children. Both my son (who is dyslexic) and my daughter (who is not dyslexic) have had the opportunity to benefit from Sue’s genius way of approaching math facts. Sue taught both my kids the tricks, stories and strategies and I can vouch that the system really works! I encourage anyone that feels like their child is struggling with remembering their math facts to look into this program & see if it might be a good fit for their child. Sue has an incredible passion for helping struggling students in a way that is both inspiring and encouraging.

Marcquel J.

teacher 3.jpg

MMM was a huge game changer for my son and I. As a homeschooler, I was getting discouraged with my son's Dyslexia diagnosis. Multiplication/Division was yet another hurdle for us to get over. Then I found this MMM program and within 2 weeks, my son mastered ALL his multiplication facts. Something that we have been working on for over a year with no luck. Now, he is breezing through division thanks to MMM!! I cannot say enough good things, I am still in shock with how well he has done and in such a little amount of time. THANK YOU!

Jen R.

My Multiplication Magic has taken my son from being behind a grade level in math to being being at the top of his 2nd grade class and performing at a 3rd grade level. This all happened with Sue's help and it's only been a little over a year. Beyond thankful for Sue's help and I'm so happy for and proud of my son. Parent teacher conferences are fun now!!!



I’ve seen the program in action, and it works! How exciting to finally have the key to unlock the mystery of how to master multiplication facts for those students who just don’t think exactly the same way as other students. I can’t wait to get started in my own classroom very soon!!

Jill L.


My Multiplication Magic is a game-changer for dyslexic students like my son! I saw a complete change in both his math skills and confidence when he learned the tools that My Multiplication Magic taught him. I wish I learned these tools when I was learning multiplication! Every student, whether dyslexic or not, will benefit from learning these methods, and they’re simple! Kudos to this program!

Jen St. J.


This program has transformed both of my daughter’s knowledge of their multiplication facts. Do you know what 8x8 is? How about 7x8? 9x6? Which fact answer is 56 or 54? This program makes it so easy to remember. With cute stories, visuals, key words, etc., it is to remember ALL the facts in an easy and fun way. We love this program!

Renee P.


Thank you, Sue, for developing My Multiplication Magic! My students have experienced much success with your program this summer and had a lot of fun too! It’s so rewarding to observe my kiddos as they have those ah-ha moments and see their faces light up! They love the magic tricks, games, and the key words really make the facts stick! The support you’ve given me as I worked my way through the system was top notch!! I highly recommend My Multiplication Magic to any parents and teachers wanting to sharpen their students’ skills!

Susie C.


My Multiplication Magic is a wonderfully designed and executed program that helps students who have struggled repeatedly to remember their times tables. As we have described in our book The Dyslexic Advantage, although many students with dyslexia, adhd, and other learning differences have poor memories for rote facts and procedures, they often excel in remembering stories and personal experiences. My Multiplication Magic takes advantage of their strengths in personal or "episodic" memory to enable these students to learn and retain their basic multiplication facts in a fast and enjoyable way that really "fits" with their ways of learning and remembering. Teachers and parents will also appreciate the well organized and user-friendly format. It's a great system for teaching and building confidence in young learners. 

Brock Eide MD,

Co-founder Neurolearning SPC and

Co-author The Dyslexic Advantage

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