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Certification - Purchase Certification HERE - Must Have the MMM Learning Coach System 
to be eligible for Certification. 

1.  Purchase the My Multiplication Magic System - $199
2. Purchase the Certification Package - $299
3.. Conduct 3 Separate Sessions with a Student 
4. Attend the Certification Webinar
5. Send in a video of you teaching a strategy (3x - 12x)
6. Send in recommendation letter from 3 parents of the students you taught
7. Upload data from pretest/posttest on spreadsheet

Benefits of Certification: 
1.  Placed in the MMM Data Base for Referrals 
2. Able to do Presentations and Trainings - You keep 100% of speaking fees
3. Receive a PowerPoint Presentation to do presentations or Breakout Sessions
4. Receive My Multiplication Magic Certified Logo Seal  
5. Official Business card Template
6. 20% Affiliate Referral Reward
7. Eligible for Ambassador Level

Purchase Certification HERE (coupon code applied)

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