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  • What is a Learning Coach? Do I have to have a teacher’s license to be one?
    After the FREE trial, when you purchase the My Multiplication Magic paid system you become a Learning Coach. A Learning Coach is an individual, parent, or a teacher at a school who will coach a student or child through the system to mastery. The only requirement to teach my system is that you follow the steps laid out, keep to the fidelity of the program, and have a passion and desire to help students. This course was designed for anyone to teach it. It has all the materials for you to be successful.
  • I have a private tutoring business; can I use this as part of my services I already provide?
    Absolutely! Many tutors/teachers tutor outside of the classroom to meet the needs of the students who learn best with one on one instruction. The My Multiplication Magic curriculum works best with individual instruction or small group instruction. You determine your own fee as you are your own boss, and it will add 10-12 hours of instruction per child.
  • I want to hold Math Camps over the breaks. Do you have a template already in place?
    Yes! There is a PDF My Multiplication Magic Math Camp Preparation Plan and Scope and Sequence. It is laid out for 6-2hr sessions to add up to 12 hours total (the average time to master). But you can manipulate that to suit your needs. They are just suggestions. You may purchase the Math Camp Preparation Plan Manual to save you time.
  • How does the FREE trial work?
    You have unlimited access to the ox-3x strategies. Should you choose to become a Learning Coach, simply enroll in the paid program, and you will be granted immediate access to all materials.
  • How long do I have access to the FREE Trial course?
    How does lifetime access sound? You have lifetime access to the 0x-3x and when you enroll in the FREE trial.
  • Can my school purchase this curriculum?
    Yes! This is meant as a great curriculum for schools wanting to bridge the gap in this area. Schools can purchase online or email me for a purchase order. Simply call 970-405-4967 or email me at
  • What is the Parent’s Corner Online Platform?
    When a Learning Coach or parent registers their student or child, they receive a private online platform that has digital games and extra reinforcement activities to practice in between the sessions with the Learning Coach. This way, the student, Learning Coach and parent are all working together towards the goal of success for the student. Parents can sign up for a one time $10 access fee to practice with their children at home.
  • Is there a refund or money back guarantee on the paid program?
    The simple answer is no. Because I give a free trial access, you have ample time to see the system and how it works, try it out on your students, and know if this is a good fit. Therefore, there are no refunds on the paid courses.
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