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How It all Began

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Meet Sue Bridgman

Welcome, my name is Sue Bridgman, and I am a dyslexia consultant to private schools, teachers, and parents, in the Northern Colorado area here in the United States. I am qualified to screen students for dyslexia, I consult with parents and schools on dyslexia and dyscalculia issues, and I am certified in the Barton Reading & Spelling System. I am a national speaker to schools and parents on dyslexia, classroom management, student engagement and safety, and have worked in the educational arena for over 30 years in both Canada and the United States. I also work with leadership teams in various businesses on leadership development.

Over the years, I have had parents tell me of the struggles their children have had over wanting to and being made to memorize their multiplication facts. They would say,

  • "We practice every night...and still he struggles."

  • "My child hates math class because it doesn't matter if he knows the process, his calculations are always wrong."

  • "We have nightly homework wars with tears and frustration over math facts."

  • "Mad Minutes are making me and my child GO Mad!"


Mastering rote information such as math facts will always be hard for some kids who struggle with memory issues. A great accommodation is providing them with a times table and having them use that tool; however, most children just want to be like everyone else and really want to learn them on their own like their classmates.

Because of this, I started to find ways that would help those students be successful. My Multiplication Magic has helped students be successful and be proud of what they can accomplish with determination, hard work, and a system that makes sense to them.

I have called it 'My Multiplication Magic' for these reasons. Although there are, what I consider, some ‘math magic tricks’ for some of the facts, the real magic is in the empowerment that the children walk away with after mastering their multiplication in an easy and effective way that makes sense to them.

I began teaching my multiplication system to teachers, coaches, and tutors. They started sharing their success stories, and there became a demand to teach my system. I began training them to hold small group instructions, math camps, and individual tutoring. With my system, you will receive all the tools to become a learning coach at your school, help so many students, and create your own income stream.

Become a My Multiplication Magic Learning Coach for your school today and be part of helping these students achieve the success they deserve.


Meet Abigail Sanford
Numbers artist

Abigail Sanford is earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Colorado State University. She graduated in 2019. Sue Bridgman, author of My Multiplication Magic, tutored Abigail in high school in the Barton Reading & Spelling System, and they became friends through faith and family. Abigail grew significantly through Sue’s math techniques for dyslexia and she wanted to contribute illustrations to ‘My Multiplication Magic’ as a way to help more students like her.


Meet Gale Schadewald
Graphic Artist Executive 

Gale Schadewald has been a graphic designer since 2013 and owns her own graphic design company, GaleForce Design. Gale has a passion for art and quality production in the means for print and website materials. When she saw the ‘My Multiplication Magic’ system at work, she wanted to be a part of helping students with dyslexia achieve success.

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