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Ambassador Level


1.  Complete the Steps in the Certification Level.
2. Go through an interview process
     - Must be passionate about helping students using the MMM system
     - Must demonstrate knowledge of the system 
     - Must be professional in appearance and work ethic
     - Must be able to be comfortable doing trainings and presentations to educators
3. Purchase the Ambassador level - $599
4. Must conduct a minimum of 1 training a year to remain at the ambassador level
     - Trainings can be individual persons, educational organizations, homeschooling events etc.
5. Renew their ambassadorship level annually at $25 a year
6. Attend an Ambassador webinar.
7. Add data of pretest/posttest in spreadsheet

Benefits of Ambassadorship: 

1.  All benefits of the Certified Level
- Placed in the MMM Data Base for Referrals 
​ - Able to do Presentations and Trainings​ (You keep 100% of speaking fees)
-. Receive a PowerPoint Presentation to do presentations or Breakout Sessions
- . Receive Certified My Multiplication Magic Logo Seal for Marketing Purposes
-  Have access to PDF marketing materials such a business cards etc.
-  Priority Support
2. Receive 40% commission on all MMM products sold from speaking, training, & other marketing. 
4. Receive My Multiplication Magic Ambassador Logo Seal for Marketing Purposes
5. Sell the System on their Website using their personal affiliate link.
6. Eligible for Ambassador Board of Directors

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