My Multiplication Magic is a revolutionary, new, and effective way to teach the multiplication facts to all students. It is a curriculum with a multisensory approach to learning the multiplication facts designed as a simpler and more effective way to learn them It is especially effective for those students who have problems memorizing rote information. It uses an explicit, multi-sensory approach using visual clues, key words, and magic tricks. The real magic is in the empowerment that students have when they succeed at learning their multiplication facts in a way that makes sense to them.

Using My Multiplication Magic, you:

  1. Can use this in whole group, small group or individual instruction and is beneficial for all students.
  2. May hold My Multiplication Magic Math Camps and help students outside of the classroom before or after school or in the summertime.

Here is what you get for your purchase:

  1. As a school, you will receive everything in the Learning Coach Package.
  2. Your purchase is a ONE TIME package purchase. This entitles you to one school license.
  3. You may print out as many copies of the manuals as you need for your school. All materials must stay at the school that has the license.  You also may have unlimited staff or volunteers get trained and use this system provided they use it on the premises.
  4. If you are a district and have more than one school, you will need to purchase the system for each school. Please contact Sue Bridgman at (970) 400-1280 or email at for more information.

Additional Products:

Digital Game Room: 

You will have an option to purchase the Digital Game Room with is $79 per year subscription sold separately to use in the classroom for unilimited students.  In order to gain access to the Digital Game Room, note you must purchase the system first and then you will have access to a purchasing link for the Digital Game Room.

Parent’s Corner Online Platform:

Should you choose to add the Digital Game Room,  you can also give Parents the option of enrolling in the Parent’s Corner Online Platform in which parents can use the digital games at home if they wish. The Parents can register using a link that you will be provided with in the Digital Game Room Section. They can then register using their own email and create a password for their account. The cost is only $5 a month for Parents to use at home. This is completely optional, but some parents may want to reinforce the concepts taught at home.

You may purchase online or you may give us a call to request a PURCHASE ORDER. Please call (970) 400-1280 or email us a with the subject of Purchase Order Requested.